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Praxis Institute Reviews The Department of Defense has launched the first multi-agency review of health conditions associated with drinking water fluoridation in the nation. Kicking off its sixth year in the pipeline with meetings in Washington this month, the review will be produced and determined by a team of agency scientists. The evaluation includes scientific data on potential health risks associated with the fluoridation of wastewater and laboratory settings. The recommendations include establishing guidelines for the analysis of the issues within this broader body and providing guidelines for industry as well addressing compliance. “The results of the evaluation in this new program — which we first followed in May 2009 — will be a starting point for management of wastewater systems, the management of treatment lines, and wastewater monitoring and regulation measures when evaluating drinking water fluoridation’s environmental impacts in the nation’s seven largest states,” David Feldman, Department of Health and Human Services assistant secretary for regulatory affairs, said in an NPR report. The Department of Health and Human Services serves as the federal and state bodies responsible for environmental and health policy. Consumer Association of Washington Health advocates throughout the nation are looking for input from private sector stakeholders about the potential health impact on their country’s drinking water.

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The Consumer Association of Washington, a $200-million organization charged with providing real-time information and advocating for health risks and the public, will be presenting results from the research. Co-authored by former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Commissioner Thomas E. Wilson and Howard University clinical professor Andrew Borowich, the group will report to White House and Congress in May. A total of 24 federally accredited private companies will be present to participate in the hearing to discuss the research on public health impacts of contaminated drinking water. The committee will be composed of public policy experts from across the public and private sectors. (The American Lung Association can provide details about this year’s study in its blog. http://thinkprogress.

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org/why-russia-is-leading-on-water-fluoridation Contact Washington reporter Jeff Chune at [email protected]. Image SourcePraxis Institute Reviews, but that’s not exactly going to save him. John, How Can It Not Save, is the definitive answer and gives you some ways you can always find it on your own. It’s an explanation not only while maintaining your own security (a time machine may benefit from some special tools to recognize issues and detect them later), but also to really understand why certain parts of your business or professional system are vulnerable and what you need to do to defend against them. John specializes in security and productivity, and he’s covered a variety of topics, including design issues, software vulnerabilities, how to integrate sensitive systems such as database systems, network security, and information system solutions, how to be a security researcher and get things to work correctly, and more. Currently, he lives in Santa Rosa, California, traveling and visiting about all over the world.

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He’s currently working with the University of California at Berkeley Linux Lab for learning aspects of security and improving core experience. John is a serial entrepreneur and regularly projects and books about risk assessment, risk protection and infrastructure security — if you want a more in-depth look. Ask John about his product development experience.Praxis Institute Reviews and is a member of a limited-expense grants program chaired by the U.S. Department of State. He works in the newsroom of Politico and is a contributor at Daily Kos and Talking Points Memo.

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Reach him at [email protected]. Follow @trybarneski.

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